Ever wonder if you will be able to continue to communicate effectively to younger people as you get older?

I hate that the church world seems to suggest you have to be young to communicate well to young people.

So I put together the top 10 ways to communicate to and engage millennial…ensuring your future as a communicator. (This stuff works in any setting.)

  1. Be Yourself.
  2. Be Concise.
  3. Communicate Purpose.
  4. Speak To Their Dreams.
  5. Be Transparent And Share Your Story.
  6. Inspire Them To Help Others.
  7. Speak Relationally.
  8. Talk About The Why.
  9. Define The Main Point Clearly.
  10. Make Your Message Flow.

The above are ten things you have to be thinking about when communicating to millennials, but the most important thing to focus on in communication to millennials is this: focus on authenticity.


  1. Be Yourself.
  2. Do Your Talk.
  3. Be Emotionally Authentic.
  4. Be Intellectually Authentic.

Great communicators aren’t born. Every communicator you wish you could speak like works hard on their craft. They think about it all the time. That’s how they got there. You can get there too.

Your voice matters.

Josh Ott is lead pastor at Grace Free Church in Cressona, PA. He is also a speaker, coach and creator of the The Speaking Course for Pastors, Speakers and Church Leaders.

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