You’re not enough. And that’s okay!

Have you ever had one of those days in ministry where you’ve had someone, or multitudes of people, come to you and tell you what the church needs more of…

More discipleship.

More teaching.

More prayer.

More evangelism.

More peace.

More prophecy.

More pastoral care.

It’s one thing after the next. Everyone is telling you all these messages and you wonder what they are actually trying to tell you.

What I’ve learned is that every one of us could go down that list and say, “That’s right. That’s what the church needs.” Every one of us has a list of what the church needs more of.

You get the sense somehow that what you’re doing is not enough. Well here’s news… It’s not. And that’s okay. 

Because that is the beauty of being part of something so much bigger.

There are things that we can draw so much strength from as leaders simply because we don’t see everything. The greatness of being part of the Evangelical Free Church is that one church doesn’t have to do, literally, everything. 

We cannot do everything. No pastor can do everything. No church can do everything.

It takes everyone. It takes all hands on deck. Men and women. Every generation. All people.

To accomplish the purpose and mission of God in this District it’s going to take ALL of us. And it’s going to take us coming together with unity of mission and humility in our hearts.

And if we have unity in mission and we have humility in our hearts, I believe that God just might do some crazy, awesome stuff with us, don’t you?


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